Body Massages

Manual Lymph Drainage
Body MassagesA gentle massage which stimulates the flow of lymph fluids, helping to reduce puffiness, pain, acne and cellulite.

The art of using pure distilled essential oils combined with a therapeutic health-giving massage. Recommended for all, from the very young to the elderly—the regular use of aromatherapy can improve the health and balance of your skin, body and mind.

Remedial Massage
Help relieve the pain of sports injury with a deep, invigorating massage. Helps poor circulation and relieves the muscular aches and pains of a sports injury. Also good for tension and aiding relaxation.

Elemis Deep Tissue Massage
A deep rhythmic pressure massage, helping to relieve specific stress and muscle tension. This treatment can be tailored to individual needs, combining specially blended essential oils.

Indian Head Massage
Most of the tension we carry is in our head, neck and shoulders. Indian Head Massage helps to reduce this tension physically through kneading movements, and emotionally via deep relaxation.

The ancient form of treating every organ of the body by massaging pressure points of the feet and hands, encouraging vital energy to flow to blocked pathways following illness, stress or injury, bringing about a state of relaxation and harmony.